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Please accept my sincere appreciation for participating in the Italian Heritage and Cultural Month Ceremony I sponsored on Sunday, October 1st.  We were most fortunate to have someone of your great talent join us at this most important event. I appreciate your taking the time to share your beautiful voice with us. Our many guests were afforded a most enjoyable ceremony due to your generosity. Thank you once again for adding a special touch to our Italian Heritage Month Ceremony. I look forward to working with you at future Borough Hall events.

City of New York
Guy V. Molinari
President of the Borough of Staten Island

We enjoyed your performance and the students were very interested in your demonstration of technique. We look forward to hearing you sing in the future.

St. Joseph Hill Academy
Ms. Donna D'Ermilio
and The Drama Club

Bravo! News of your performance travels fast. I attended a Staten Island Chamber of Commerce meeting the other day at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center and upon introducing myself, a number of business people in the audience mumbled, "Richmond County Country Club? Didn't they have the Four Tenors perform there recently?" Upon hearing this I responded, "You mean the Three Tenors?" "NO!" someone responded, "Hasn't Giuseppe Taormina become the Fourth?" It became apparent that you have become a household word here in both the Staten Island and New York City communities.

Richmond County Country Club
Kevin F. Murphy
General Manager

Wow! I was very, very impressed with you and your daughter Daniela. You far exceeded my expectations! I have had members who attended Saturdays performance call and express their delight in the evening.  Your performance was exceptional and I feel honored to have had you at my club.

"Molte Grazie"

Waccabuc Country Club
John D. Assumma, CCM

I am truly grateful to you for coming at last minute's notice to participate in Landmark Community Center's International Show on March 8th. Thank you for traveling all that distance to come and help us out. You are truly a giving person.  Your magnificent voice was such a treat for the audience who were not expecting a singer of your caliber. I also appreciate how wonderfully you worked with the young people who participated with you. They were fortunate to have an opportunity to work with you.

Landmark on Main Street
Ronny Wach, Chairperson
Festival of International Music & Dance
Landmark Community Center


I listened to the tapes of your father's arias which he gave to me. Please tell him for me that I enjoyed them immensely...he has a superb voice.  Once again, I want to commend and thank you for coming to the aid of Raymond Buckner. It was truly a heroic act on the part of you.

The City of New York
Office of the Mayor
Edward I. Koch

I cannot thank you and Vincenza enough for attending the above Gala Exhibition. You and your wonderful talent helped turn the evening into a magical one.  Again, allow me to extend a very warm thank you to you and Vincenza from myself, as Chairperson, the entire committee, the staff and volunteers at Snug Harbor Cultural Center.

Snug Harbor Cultural Center
Nancy Correra

I want to thank you for your performance at our 64th annual Dinner Dance held at Russo's on the Bay.  It is always a pleasure to listen to you sing. Your performance was exceptional and I feel honored to have had you attend.

Vincent A. Tummino, President
N.Y.C. Fire Department
Columbia Association

I would like to thank you for your performance at the Enrico Caruso Museum. Your beautiful Verissimo tenor voice magnificently portrayed the music of Puccini, Verdi and Tosti's music.  All who attended the concert were most pleased and were very happy to buy your CD's.

Cav. Uff. Aldo Mancusi, Founder and Curator
The Enrico Caruso Museum

Your singing was a true delight at our One Enchanted Evening Party.  Everyone loved you.  I can't thank you enough for donating your time and talent to benefit our hospital.

Jeanne Lyon, Co-Chairperson
JTM Foundation
John T. Mather Memorial Hospital

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful performance at our annual dinner. You are a wonderful artist and everyone thoroughly enjoyed hearing you sing. I think the high point for me was when you sang the duet from "La Traviata" with Elaine Malbin. The two of you sang brilliantly and I felt as if I were in the audience at the Metropolitan Opera.

Bill Ronayne, President
The Mario Lanza Society of New York

We recently enjoyed a performance by Giuseppe Taormina and his daughter, Daniela.  We are looking forward to having them entertain again when we do a "Roman Holiday" weekend.  I thought you might like to know how much we enjoyed their performance.

Linda Tabas Stempel, Executive Director
Tabas Hotel

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